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“Cras tristique turpis justo, eu consequat sem adipiscing ut. Donec posuere bibendum metus.”

Tony Nguyen, Co-Founder

Who We Are

What motivates us are the challenges of the future, around which we produce our training programs, regarding the disseminating the knowledge and skills required for the transition to sustainable management. The RegenEDU’s synchronous and asynchronous training programs cover a wide range of directions and professional areas, such as food production, food processing and hospitality services.

The training process in RegenEDU programs is given remotely through a user-friendly training platform that utilizes and integrates all new technologies.

Successful completion of a RegenEDU program leads to the issuance of a Certificate of Training or Specialized Training.

Applications for participation can be submitted by Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Employees with relevant work experience or not, depending on the requirements of each program. The study guide of each Program defines the conditions of participation specifically for each RegenEDU Program.

For additional information regarding our available training programs powered by RegenEDU you can visit our website by clicking here.